Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Appealic Anti Fog Shower Mirror Review

I purchased this product at a discounted rate for my honest & unbiased review. I am not a big fan of facial hair, so when I found this no fog shower Mirror with bonus tweezers and scissors; I had to try it out. My hubby will always tell me that he "forgot to shave", because he has to do it when he gets out of the shower since we didn't have a mirror in there; well I have now solved that problem. He actually LOVES this anti fog mirror for shaving in the shower. He says that the steam actually helps him when shaving, so he loves that he can now shave in the shower. The mirror was very easy to install, too. It has a super strong suction cup that when you turn the base it will lock in and suction to the shower wall. To "unlock" it you just turn the base the opposite way and it will un-suction and can be moved. Once the mirror is installed it can be adjusted to the height you want by moving the mirror on the base up, down, left, or right. This mirror really is one of the best mirrors I have found and actually does not fog up, like others we have had in the past. The bonus tweezers and scissors is also a nice add on to go with the mirror. I would definitely recommend this Appealic anti fog shower mirror to friends/family. Get yours here: Anti Fog Shower Mirror

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