Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rapid oatmeal cooker Review

I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest & unbiased review. Want oatmeal in 2 minutes? Well then you need to get this rapid oatmeal cooker!! You get 2 of these rapid cooking bowls!! They are made of a hard plastic and have handles on either side of the bowl for easy handling. All you gotta do is add the oatmeal to the bottom line in the bowl, fill with water to the 2nd line of the bowl, and then just heat in the micro for 2 minutes and wallah you have perfectly cooked oats!! Just add in your fav mixings or leave it plain...however you like your will have them in 2 mins! This little bowl really makes quite a bit of oats, so you could even share them. I do wish it gave a smaller recipe...I guess you could just kinda do 1/2 and 1/2 to bring the amount down, but these bowls work great! I would definitely recommend these rapid oatmeal cooking bowls. Get yours here: Rapid Oatmeal Cooker


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

MyProSupports Dog Compression Sleeve Review

I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest & unbiased review. I purchased this compression sleeve for my sisters great dane, as he has a granuloma and won't leave it alone. She was hoping that if she could get it covered and keep it covered it would heal. I wasn't sure what size she would need so I purchased the large size.
This comes in xtra small, small, medium, large, & xtra large. This dog compression sleeve is made of a neoprene material, so you get a nice snug fit, but the top part of it seems to be a little bit large when it is on the leg, which may be why the first night she had it on him he was able to get it off somehow, but then the 2nd day, night, and ever since he has left it alone. I am not sure if I purchased a size too big or what since he was able to get it off the first nigh. My sister said that the top part of the sleeve had a little bit of room and that is how she thinks he got it off.
Luckily his granuloma seems to be healing up nicely since he has finally left it alone. I guess he has gotten used to wearing the sleeve. I have to say that the sleeve is much better than using tape, as he was able to easily get the tape off and I believe he had to work to get the sleeve off, so that is probably why he has left it alone, or she got a better fit on him the 2nd night?! Either way, this is a great way to help your dog heal from granulomas!! It worked for my sisters great dane, so I will definitely recommend trying this to any friends/family that have a dog with a granuloma!! Want one?? Get one here: MyProSupports Dog Compression Sleeve

Healtech Knee Brace Review

I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest & unbiased review. I purchased this knee brace for my father in law. He has had knee problems for many years and is trying to get back into walking/jogging, but with his knee; it makes it hard for him. I figured this knee brace should work well since it is made of a neoprene and has 3 adjustable straps. I tried the brace on when I got it and it fit me comfortably, so I figured it would work well for him.
The first day he wore it he said it really helped a lot! He wore it for most of the day after his walk and said it did get a little uncomfortable later on, but he had been wearing it for many hours by that time. I would not suggest wearing it; if you don't need to.
It really has been working great for him when he wears it to walk/jog. He says it really gives him the compression on his knee that he needs. It was very easy to adjust to fit, as well.
If you are in need of a good knee brace then try this Healtech knee brace for some good support! Just remember you may not want to wear it too long, as it does eventually get a bit uncomfortable, but it does give great support when walking/jogging!! Get your brace here: Healtech Knee Brace