Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Spitz N Wipe Review

I purchased this for my husband at a #discounted rate from giveaway service to review because he likes to use baby wipes, but thought this might work about the same. It is very well made and takes 4 AA batteries. It comes with 8 ounces of liquid that seems to be water, glycerin, aloe and a few other it seems to be basically water. Once you have placed the liquid in the container just switch the on/off switch to on and grab some paper. Hold the paper under the infrared light and the liquid will come out onto the paper...then you just simply wipe clean. My husband thinks this is keeps you feeling clean and fresh. He likes knowing that he doesn't have to worry about any "dingleberries" when he uses the Spritz N Wipe. This would be great for kids who can't always get there bottoms clean. This is also great for people who are on a septic and don't want to flush baby wipes...TP with a little Spritz N Wipe is biodegradable and works great for your septic. If you like to feel fresh then you might want to check out the Spritz N can get it here: Spritz N Wipe

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